How to Open a Bitcoin Casino in 2019: the Best Solutions for a Quick Start

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Cryptocurrency is one of the most promising trends in the gambling industry in 2019. Virtual money has a huge influence on the global economy so the flagships of the gambling market simply could not stand aside. The blockchain system has become so widespread that the request “how to open a bitcoin casino” has become one of the top one in the major search engines.

Why does the crypto world have such a strong influence on the casino industry? We offer you to consider the main advantages of e-currency and the most popular ways of launching your own gambling startup.

Bitcoin casino: cryptocurrency in gambling

The Reasons for the Popularity of Bitcoins

The gambling business with the blockchain system has a lot of unique advantages.

Users prefer bitcoin platforms due to the following positive aspects:

  1. Resistance to inflation. Bitcoin will never fall in value due to the fact that the system is designed to issue a limited amount of currency (twenty-one million BTC).
  2. The absence of intermediaries. No banking institution in the world can take part in money transits.
  3. 100% anonymity. To register a bitcoin wallet, you only need an e-mail and an individual password. And it is not necessary to indicate this information during the registration on the gaming site. The owners of virtual wallets can stay anonymous and not indicate the information on the balance of accounts, their location, and other personal data.
  4. Instant payments. The time of transactions does not exceed one minute, regardless of the amount of the transferred money or the speed of the Internet.
  5. Financial security. There are no technologies in the world that allow hackers to steal money from a bitcoin wallet.

No territorial boundaries. Bitcoin is an international currency, which is not controlled by any existing country.

Formats of the Bitcoin Casino Launch in 2019

Bitcoin casino 2019: ways to start a gambling business

There are several ways to start your own bitcoin online business. Let us consider the most popular ones.

A Business From Scratch

This is one of the most expensive and time-consuming options for launching a project. Beginning entrepreneurs need to thoroughly examine the market, become familiar with the offers of competitors, find an experienced team of developers, purchase a license, enter into agreements with the software vendors, and much more.

Financial investments for those who want to launch a bitcoin casino on their own

Items of expenditure

Approximate cost

Purchase of the gambling software

From 10 thousand dollars (a basic set of software)

Development of games/purchase of the ready-made content

To order exclusive products, you will have to pay not less than 2 thousand dollars. Ready-made slots cost from 500 dollars (approximate cost for one game)

Integration of the related software (payment modules, security systems, support chats, etc.)

From 5 thousand dollars (depending on the chosen configurations)


From 200 dollars annually (for the simplest projects with minimal traffic)

Marketing and promotion

From 500 dollars per month (it is a minimal sum). Experts recommend businessmen to spend up to 70% of the profit of a casino on the advertising of a platform

The White Label Program

This system allows you to rent a ready-made bitcoin platform with the possibility of using a unique brand. It is a very common scheme among operators with a limited initial capital.

Advantages of such a choice are the ability to promote your own brand, the use of already proven business tools and processes, legal operation under a sub-license, technical support from the parent company, and the possibility of buying out the project and becoming its only owner.

Among the disadvantages, we can name a complete dependence on the policy of the company that provides the service and the need to pay rent for the use of the product.

A Code for the Gambling Platform

The bitcoin casino script is the cheapest but ineffective way. Operators buy a piece of the raw code without any guarantee of its quality.

Even if the script of the bitcoin casino website is purchased from a reliable and trusted supplier, it will require serious improvement. The organisation of the technical support service, purchase of the game content, the connection of the additional payment services, promotion, and many other updates should be made.

A Turnkey Platform

It is the best way to enter the gambling market with minimal efforts from entrepreneurs.

Addressing the contractor, beginning operators receive a full set of services and products for the gambling business:

  • casino licensing and resolution of the related legal issues;
  • customer support service;
  • a unique design for a bitcoin casino and the development of an exclusive logo;
  • connection of the software to the support for cryptocurrency and additional payment services;
  • integration of the game content;
  • development of affiliate programs;
  • a system of bonuses and rewards;
  • adaptation for mobile platforms.

As an additional service, you can order a comprehensive promotion of the project. According to statistics, new bitcoin platforms with minimum expenditures for the advertising campaign bring about one hundred dollars a day. Active marketing can increase the size of income up to five thousand dollars per day.


Crypto casinos are the most promising type of gaming sites, which allow you to reach the maximum audience and offer users an exclusive set of products that are not available in any other gambling establishments.

You are just discovering the world of gambling and are looking for a reliable guide and partner? Win Win Casino will give you an answer to the question of how to open an online business with minimal financial and time expenditures.

From our managers, you can order a set of services to adapt the existing casino for bitcoin wallets, purchase new games from the world’s leading suppliers or become the owner of an exclusive ready-made crypto casino.

Order a project from Win Win Casino today, and we will guarantee you the full cost recovery within six months.


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