To Create an Online Casino is a Perfect Opportunity to Start Your Own Business

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Do you dream about financial independence? Would you like to have own profitable business? Do you think about gaming business on the Internet? It is not in vain: with the correct approach online casino creation can bring substantial income and develop constantly. How to open a gambling establishment and why it is needed you can read in this article.

Online casino profit

Let’s Start With the Main Question: How Much Does it Cost to Start an Online Casino?

There is no clear answer to this question; there is a wide range of prices — from several hundreds of dollars to tens and hundreds of thousands. Everything depends on the following aspects:

  • whether you will buy, rent or have the needed software developed;
  • whether you will create a casino by yourself or apply to a contractor (we tell you right now that to implement everything without assistance is somewhat difficult; more on that later);
  • what license you will obtain;
  • what and how many slots there will be in the casino etc.

If you cooperate with third-party companies, their representatives will prepare estimates and state the total price based on your requirements.

How to Create an Online Casino: Key Steps

1. Analyse the market and create a business plan.

We are sure that you are aware that only one start-up out of ten continues its activity in a year after being launched. One of the reasons for that is low-quality planning and business plan or a complete absence of both of them sometimes. In order to join successful companies, spare time and resources to research the market, clients, competitors and tendencies.

Into your business plan, you should include all the possible information such as the description of the project, aims, expenses, risks, the characteristics of the industry, promotion plans, way-outs of force majeure. The business plan will help stay the course agreed upon and adjust the activity.

2. Obtain the license and do the paperwork.

Gaming business requires great attention here. As far as documents are concerned, you have to prepare the ones that are common for running a business: a legal entity, a bank account etc. The whole list depends on in what country you will do it.

Licensing is more complicated. Firstly, not in all countries gambling is allowed (in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of CIS this activity is banned). In this case, an entrepreneur has to apply to a jurisdiction that issues such documents.

The licensees are the following: the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Curacao, Belgium, Costa Rica and a number of others. Licenses differ in price and value of the market. Each permit has own peculiarities: for example, the document from Costa Rica allows only non-residents to play. If to stick to all the rules, the activity of a casino will be 100% legal.

Secondly, the very process of being licensed takes much time and resources. The cheapest casino license will cost from 8 to 10 thousand dollars, the most expensive one — tens of thousands of dollars. Consider that paperwork may last for months. To speed up this process, apply to specialists — to Win&Win Casino, for example. Besides, you can purchase a licensed online casino and not engage in this issue at all.

3. Choose a domain and create a website.

It is essential for a domain name to associate with the activity of the establishment: if it is an online casino, use «Casino». The name has to convey the sense to a user at once. One more thing that you have to take into account is creating a well-functioning casino website that works correctly without freezes, making player’s life comfortable in general. You have to treat the website as the primary instrument of income.

4. Integrate online casino software into the website.

The casino software is the basis of everything: it is created just for an establishment to perform all its functions. The software of good quality has a lot of advantages such as multicurrency, multilanguage, reliability, security, a convenient interface. We advise you not to save on this point to ensure that your casino will work without any glitch in the future. And of course, choose only licensed software.

5. Connect payment systems.

Casino payment systems

The more payment systems there are in a casino, the better it is for an establishment and a player. A wide range of payment software will make it easy to make payments and receive winnings. Choose popular services with a well-known name and reliable reputation.

6. Add fascinating slots and other types of entertainment.

The game, entertainment and a winning are the main things that appeal to gamblers in a casino. Choose only the best slots for your establishment to attract new players and keep their attention. Order unique games development — it will make you stand out from your competitors. In general, diversify the choice but not the quality — and you will not have to wait long for the result.

7. Launch and promote the casino.

Everything is ready; it is time to open the casino and start earning. Your establishment has already been open for several days, but there have been no visitors yet? No wonder that it needs promoting! We mentioned it while talking about a business plan. It is high time you should make use of marketing budget.

Promote your casino because no one will find out about the new club and search engines will not index your website if it is not optimised for them. Use various instruments like SMM, email marketing, affiliate partnerships. Together with exciting content, it will bear fruit.

How to Start an Online Casino?

We have described the main stages how to create an online casino. But we have answered the question of how to act. There are several ways how to deal with this complicated affair:

  1. To open a casino on your own. This variant is not optimal if you do not have enough experience: you see that there are a lot of stages of creation and it is easy to make a mistake. So it is better to delegate — you will save money, time and nerves.
  2. To order turnkey casino development. In this case, a developer will create software for you, select slots, connect payment systems, and even make and integrate a marketing plan.
  3. To buy a casino. Here there are a number of variants such as to obtain a script, franchise, White Label casino (here you get a ready-made website with software that you brand with own identity). Each variant has its advantages and disadvantages; it is better to consult a specialist and then choose.
  4. To rent an online casino. If you do not have opportunities to buy casino at once or want to try your hand first, it is an ideal variant.

Online casino games

As you may notice, there are a lot of variants. Each operator has own aims and plans, that is why it is needed to choose how to implement them carefully. Win&Win Casino will provide you with a free consultation on any question that worries you and offer online casino for rent and sale. You can be sure that while cooperating with Win&Win you will get the business that you dream about.


The launch of a gambling startup from scratch is a complex and cost-intensive process that requires both significant investment and vast knowledge. The Win Win Casino team offers an excellent alternative — a turnkey project.

When you order the development of a gambling website, you get a full range of components and services, as well as a unique design and complete independence, so you will be able to run your business as you want.

We are ready to provide you with comprehensive legal support, consultations, and technical support. You will just need to count money.

A turnkey gambling establishment from Win Win Casino is a reliable way to enter the international gambling market with minimal investment and one hundred per cent protection against risks.


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