Casino for Rent: How to Start Gambling Business Without Investing Much

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Each of us seeks to be financially successful. We want to have rest in good places, drive expensive cars, live in beautiful flats. Gambling business is a sphere that allows entrepreneurs to do successful and prosperous business.

One of the most profitable gambling projects is an online casino. It requires little expenses; and during its creation, it is easier to abide the law. You can either buy a casino, order a turnkey development or take an online casino for rent — plenty of variants are available.

Online casino development from Win&Win Casino

More on the Ways How to Start Gambling Business on the Internet

  1. Online casino development. All the software is created according to customer's requirements. In this case, the client gets a unique product, and the company that executes the order can assume all the responsibility from obtaining a license to promoting the casino. Win&Win Casino is an example of such a company.
  2. Casino web scripts purchase. An entrepreneur buys a ready code for a casino, adapts it to his/her needs and integrates it on the website on his/her own. This variant is far from being optimal, as the operator acquires an incomplete product.
  3. Ready casino purchase. On the Internet, there are websites where everyone can buy ready solutions with games and software. If online casino software price suits you, all that is needed to do is to purchase the software and start the business.
  4. Casino for rent. If to purchase an establishment is not a good variant for an operator, he/she can rent it. In this case, the lesser remains the owner of the software, while the lessee can use the casino on his/her own and receive income from it.

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Casino?

Gaming business if appropriately organised is a very profitable activity. Of course, an operator will have to spend a certain sum of money (in case you do not buy a script that can cost only $200, but you should understand that this code will still take much effort to adjust it to all the needs). Online casino development or ready casino purchase with all the software, games and the license will cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In this case, rent is a way out. Making acceptable investments, you will be able to launch a business without waiting for a long time. Many companies such as Win&Win provide such a service.

The advantages of renting a casino

  • It is quite a simple way to start a business. You do not have to worry about software, obtaining a license and other nuances. You just contact a software provider, choose a needed casino and start working at once.
  • Online casino for rent is financially beneficial. To create a casino from scratch is rather expensive. Rent will allow you to launch a business and get income without spending much in the beginning.
  • Casino companies often rent it out with a purchase option. In fact, you can lease an establishment and become its rightful owner later.
  • You will be able to manage the casino, its activity, promotion, income independently. The administration does not participate and interferes in your affairs.
  • If you understand that the business is not profitable or you want to quit for any reason, the situation is more straightforward in case the casino is rented. You will not have to think what to do with your casino and solve a number of bureaucratic issues. Besides, you can just test gambling business and find out whether you are interested in it at all.

Online casino for rent from Win&Win

How to Rent a Casino?

If the opportunity to rent a casino appeals to you, consider Win&Win. To get started, just apply to the company (through many channels like email or feedback form) and choose your club.

Why Win&Win?

  • The company provides special offers and opportunities.
  • The system has perfect graphics and is of high-quality.
  • Supports Linux and Windows.
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • a wonderful choice of games from the best producers such as Novomatic, Igrosoft, Playtech and others.
  • The company gives an opportunity not only to rent a casino but also to purchase it.

If you do not want to order online casino development but you seek a reliable partner for your gambling business, Win&Win Casino is the best place where to rent a casino.

Online Casino Rental from Win-Win Casino: What is Included in the Service

When ordering a rental of a gaming platform, the operator gets access to all the internal systems and services of the project.

The businessman can use the following set of components at his or her own discretion:

  1. A gaming platform with embedded content (a series of products from Playtech, Gaminator, Champion, Igrosoft, Belatra, Duomatic are available).
  2. Multilevel security systems and prevention of unauthorized actions on the part of the session participants.
  3. Technical support and free service updates.
  4. Unique built-in bonus and loyalty programs.
  5. Mobile platforms support.
  6. The opportunity to use his or her own logo (our team of designers is ready to offer several variants of logotypes for your future brand).
  7. Search and involvement of reliable partners (we provide detailed information, consultations, and integration systems of the most profitable and popular services for gambling sites of any format).

We offer a wide range of additional services for those who want to present an exclusive product to the world. The package includes the development of mobile versions with chatbots and the possibility of identification through social media pages, the creation of unique gaming projects in the HTML5 format, 24/7 technical support, full-scale promotional campaign and much more.



The rental of a gaming platform is a quick way to enter the market with minimal time and financial costs. This solution has an undoubted advantage. It lies in the fact that all actions are performed according to a well-thought-out algorithm. Its practicality and profitability have been confirmed repeatedly.

Win-Win Casino is ready to offer loyal terms of cooperation and complete protection against various risks. You will receive access to one of the most promising and fast-payback modern sources of income, after concluding a contract.


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