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Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Gambling business is one of the largest sectors of the world economy. Over the past year alone, the industry’s turnover has grown by 4.3 billion euros. Experts call the gambling market the most promising and fast-paying back direction for investment.

Online casino license for a gambling business

Why Is Virtual Gambling Business So Popular?

The growth in the number of gambling projects in the Network is associated with the following factors:

  1. The rapid development of new technologies. Whereas in 2010 it was almost impossible to meet the user playing from the mobile phone, nowadays about 50% of fans of excitement have moved to the mobile segment. The industry is constantly being modernized and innovative trends are appearing: virtual reality, three-dimensional graphics. The cryptocurrency market is also actively developing.
  2. The lack of geographical boundaries. Gaming services are available anywhere in the world. To launch the entertainment, it requires a mobile or stationary device connected to the Network.
  3. Social gambling. A free game is one of the most convenient tools to attract a new audience. Customers of entertainment venues can use the demo mode as a training course or a way to try their hand on the most convenient and safe conditions.
  4. The loyalty of regulatory authorities. According to statistics, the share of the “white” segment reaches 60% of the total market volume. Experts say that the development of international standards for the control of this industry will reduce the “shadow” sector to 10% by 2024.
  5. A tremendous range of entertainment solutions. Whereas previously only the traditional fruit machines were available to thrill-seekers, nowadays the player can choose the content after his own heart — from poker tournaments and roulette with a live dealer to exclusive developments and skill-based entertainment on the basis of mechanics of popular computer games.

By the end of 2018, online business brought entrepreneurs a total income of 44.1 billion euros, while 132 countries have some restrictions or a complete prohibition of the organization of games for money (these countries account for about 56% of the world’s population). Therefore, one of the most popular search queries in the Network is “how to open a casino and launch a promising gambling business.”

The Main Stages of Launching Own Gambling Project

An aspiring entrepreneur will have to solve a number of issues, among which are the following:

  • gaming website development;
  • the choice of a reliable provider and purchase of the software;
  • design and creation of an exclusive logo;
  • integration of payment services;
  • arrangement of technical support services;
  • registration of legal position and legalization of the project.

Online casino licence is one of the most important stages of start-up development. This document officially confirms the permission to conduct the interactive business activity of any type — from options and lottery draws to gaming clubs and sports betting.

What Are the Benefits of the Gambling Licence for a Businessman

Gambling license: benefits

Quite often, aspiring entrepreneurs are wondering how to open an online casino without a licence. We do not recommend launching your own online business without permission documentation.

The gambling licence is a mandatory document that testifies to the legal operation and compliance of the gaming resource with international quality standards.

The availability of permission gives the operator the following benefits:

  • possibility of interaction with reliable banking institutions;
  • access to the integration of proven payment services with a large selection of currency notes;
  • purchase of certified software from leading suppliers;
  • increase of the audience loyalty;
  • expanded opportunities to work in an international format;
  • trust-based relations with major foreign partners.

The Nuances of Purchasing a Gambling Licence

How to get an online casino license

Answering the question of how to obtain a licence for online casino, it is worth noting that the service of gambling business legalization is provided by more than 80 countries. We recommend you to pay attention to offshore countries that offer the most loyal conditions for operators.

Win Win Casino specialists have compiled a list of the most popular and demanded jurisdictions:

The best offshore zones of 2023


Price of services

The time limit for issuance

Taxation rate


A non-repayable contribution — 25 thousand euros

The application processing — 2.3 million euros

The minimal annual payment — 15 thousand euros

Extension — 1,5 thousand euros annually

3-6 months


Costa Rica

Registration of legal status on the country territory and the initial payment — from 40 thousand dollars

Service renewal — 10 thousand dollars on an annual basis

1 month



Non-repayable contribution — 18 thousand dollars

Annual assurance — 10 thousand dollars

2 months



Application submission and legal registration of the company — from 40 thousand dollars

Annual renewal fee — 15 thousand dollars

1 month


Isle of Man

The cost of the application consideration — 1 thousand pounds

Annual assurance — 35 thousand pounds

4 months


Antigua and Barbuda

Legalization of online casino — 100 thousand dollars

The permission to organize the totalizer — 75 thousand dollars

3 months



Initial contribution — 40 thousand dollars

Annual service — 20 thousand dollars

2 months



The basic price of the service — 40 thousand dollars

Mandatory technical testing of the software — 15 thousand dollars

Licence renewal — 10 thousand dollars

1-3 months



Submission and consideration of the application — 70 thousand pounds

Licence assurance — from 35 thousand pounds

3 months



The amount of the initial contribution — from 30 to 70 thousand dollars (depending on the set of services)

Annual maintenance — 3 thousand dollars

3-6 months


An indicative list of documents for the licencing of the gambling project:

  • copies of passports of all interested parties (founders, shareholders of the enterprise);
  • a detailed list of constituent documents;
  • proof of real office existence (rental receipt, etc.);
  • certificates of the used software;
  • certificates of connected payment services;
  • evidence of technical support service and security systems existence;
  • the account in an established banking institution, and a statement confirming the existence of the reserve fund.

This is a basic list of papers that may be required during the authorization process. As a rule, it varies depending on the policy of the chosen offshore. Before the legalization process starts, you should get advice from specialized experts, use the services of local intermediaries or seek help from certified providers of gaming content.

Alternative Ways to Obtain a Licence

Independent legalization of the gambling project can take a long period and require significant material investments. We suggest you consider alternative options.


By signing a franchise agreement, the operator significantly reduces the start-up time, as well as receives reliable support from the “parent” resource. In fact, it is renting of online casino licence, along with a full set of analytical tools ready for operation of payment services and games.

The franchise allows a businessman to get an online casino with licenced software at minimal financial and time costs. As a rule, the design and launch of the website take only a few days to get acquainted with the contract and develop an exclusive logo.

In the future, the operator will be able to buy the project or switch to another business activity without major financial losses. This is an acceptable way for aspiring entrepreneurs with minimal experience in the gambling market.

The disadvantage of this solution is the dependence on the company’s policy and the need for regular commission deductions for the use of the provided services.

Turnkey Project

This is the most promising and reliable way to enter the gambling arena. The entrepreneur receives a ready-made online casino with a licence and a set of gaming products at the same time maintaining full independence and the ability to modify and transform the platform at his own discretion.

The turnkey online casino service with a licence includes the following set of offers:

  • the visual design of the website and logo development;
  • integration of payment services (Win Win Casino provides cryptocurrency wallet connection service);
  • organization of technical support services;
  • connection of gaming content (from classic slot machines to live dealer games, tournament competitions, lottery draws and options);
  • development and implementation of bonuses, promotions and loyalty programs;
  • connection of affiliate systems;
  • provision of security of the website;
  • legal support of the project (assistance in obtaining legal status, collection of documents and guidance in the process of the website legalization as well as the resolution of disputes).

As an additional service, you can order a comprehensive promotion of the project. With the proper marketing strategy, the gambling business pays off in three up to six months from the start.


A self-purchasing of the licence is a troublesome and expensive process. Addressing to competent professionals will help to significantly simplify the legalization procedure.

Leave a request to the managers of Win Win Casino, and we will find the optimal strategy. Our team will provide an individual approach and offer a wide range of solutions for both existing establishments and new projects.

Win Win Casino is the guarantee of your success! We are ready to undertake all the technical and legal issues, minimize risks and discover new prospects for your gambling business.


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