Games with an Instant Outcome: a Detailed Overview from Win Win Casino

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

23 march 2021

This type of entertainment became a real trend in the modern iGaming industry. In 2020, over 90 million people launched it on Facebook, Google, and many gaming sites.

The aggregate result is impressive not only for business analysts but also software vendors. It is already clear that instant games are a field that has great potential.

Instant games as a field with a great potential

Win Win Casino offers you to order exclusive solutions with an instant outcome.

Apart from this content, we offer a multi-tasking Win Win Casino system. It is possible to integrate a full-fledged package of products with a multilingual lobby in one session.

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History of the Creation of Instant Games

This concept was introduced by the IT giant, Facebook, 5 years ago. The brand offered casual games with an unobtrusive plot and understandable mechanics.

Users can find entertainment on any topic that they like. The main task of manufacturers is to make users interested in the gameplay and attract them with bright visual effects in a short time (only 5–10 seconds).

Key features of instant gambling solutions include:

  • quick sessions;
  • intuitive interface;
  • in-game user settings.

The Facebook first release consisted of 17 titles. Over time, new games were added, and the catalogue included both proprietary solutions of the brand and offers of other developers.

In 2018, platforms for the creation and distribution of instant games were introduced by Google and Samsung. This type of entertainment was also released by several successful casino providers.

In the past year, 2 promising startups entered the gambling market: Artie and Playco. They create gambling solutions and also provide a free space for software vendors.

Key Characteristics of the Content

Instant content: key characteristics

Among the main reasons to choose instant games, we can name:

  1. Cross-platform interface. Initially, products from Facebook and other providers were created only for mobile platforms. Over time, software vendors have improved the functionality of quick drawings and transferred them to desktop PCs and land-based equipment (detachable devices and self-service terminals).
  2. Quick launch. The software takes up a minimum of space in RAM (up to 200 MB per session). Therefore, it is not necessary to install the product on any device, reboot it or take other actions before starting a game session. The solution can be launched in any browser (Mozilla, Firefox or Opera) in a matter of seconds.
  3. Interesting in-game tools. Instant games are an excellent product for social interaction, which contains useful settings for organising tournaments, passing difficult levels, and commenting on the results in real-time. You can send screenshots to your friends, post videos of successful sessions, leave “likes”, and much more.

Basic Types of Instant Games

Depending on the mechanics that are used, the following types of solutions can be distinguished:


This is entertainment where gamblers can achieve their goals: score a goal, solve a brain teaser or win an archery competition.

Examples of games:

  • Candy Crush;
  • Tsum Tsum;
  • Sushi Sekai;
  • Master Archer;
  • Super Bowling;
  • Jewel Academy;
  • Swipe Basketball

Infinite game

Such solutions test the user's stamina. Gamblers should move along the road (railroad tracks, water channel), collect points, and skillfully avoid obstacles.

This category of solutions includes:

  • Slip Master;
  • Ninja Run;
  • Super Dash

Rhythmic game

Users need to take certain actions (press a button, spin the wheel of fortune) to music.

The difficulty of the rounds depends on the selected soundtrack. The faster and more varied is the melody, the more difficult it is to execute the required commands.

Examples of such entertainment:

  • Guitar Hit;
  • Music Tiles;
  • Perfect Piano;
  • Lego Batman

Card entertainment

This category is based on traditional card games but with simplified rules. Poker, Sic Bo, and exciting solitaires are available to users.

The best products are:

  • UNO;
  • Poker;
  • Solitaire;
  • BlackJack 21


These are games with tenuous plots. Gamblers need to find as many moles on the lawn as possible or collect a codeword from a dozen scattered letters.

Examples of the most interesting arcade games:

  • Garden Invasion;
  • Wordalot Express;
  • Scrabble

Advantages of Producing This Type of Content

  1. Attracts a wide audience. The dynamic nature of entertainment helps to retain customers for as long as possible, which provides both manufacturers and content distributors with a good profit.
  2. Weak competition. This is a relatively young field, so the competition for customers is not as severe as, for example, in the market of interactive slot machines. It is an excellent opportunity for casino operators to offer high-quality products and take the central stage in the industry.
  3. Good distribution. The process takes place in accordance with the classic scheme of cooperation with aggregators and operators. It also works via social networks. Such well-known platforms as Google Play Instant, Samsung Game Launcher, and Facebook Instant Games contain useful tools for effective casino marketing.

Nuances of the Development of the Product

Instant games development: nuances

Entrepreneurs can order high-quality content from Win Win Casino or release games on their own.

Technical Aspect of the Process

The programming language used is HTML5. Key components of the technology:

  • hypertext markup HTML language;
  • cascading CSS tables;
  • JavaScript development environment.

There is no need to use any external programming tools, such as plug-ins, frameworks or game engines. It significantly reduces the production cost.

You can create games on Google, Facebook or Samsung platforms. These IT corporations offer free basic components but you have to pay extra money to use their premium tools depending on the chosen service plan.

HTML5 development provides ready-made solutions with a cross-browser interface. These products do not need to be adapted to a specific OS or personal device (smartphone, PC, detachable devices), which reduces the time for their release.

Implementation of In-Game Tools

Reliable instant games contain the following components:

  1. Multiplayer tournaments. Adding a system that allows gamblers to compete with each other or play in a team will significantly increase their trust level. It is possible to organise tournaments with fixed funds. A great pre-holiday idea is to launch tournaments with special missions where teams of players will try to collect as many points as possible.
  2. Exchange of results. Gamblers are happy to share their success with friends by sending screenshots or video replays. If users get interested, they will leave “likes”, follow the links, and start playing their games.
  3. Rewards. These are one-time prizes, bonus rounds, discounts for using premium solutions, and other types of rewards.


This entertainment can be paid for or free. In the second case, operators make money by placing in-game advertisements from partner companies and selling additional gambling tools and premium products.

There are 2 possible levels of access to this type of casino entertainment:

  • ability to play first sessions for free;
  • it is necessary to pay but only after a certain result is achieved.

The Main Things about Instant Games

  • Users appreciate these solutions for interesting gameplay, simple rules, dynamic rounds, and catchy plots.
  • The basis of such products is an HTML5 technology. It speeds up the production process and cuts down the expenses. Providers can customise the type of monetisation of games and choose whether users will launch them for free or not.
  • Current market leaders in this field are Google, Samsung, and Facebook. However, the niche is still not completely occupied, that is why beginning entrepreneurs have a good chance of achieving success.

Win Win Casino offers such a service as the creation of exclusive content: slots, bingo, keno, and other types of products.

They can be purchased along with the Win Win Casino platform. In this case, you will get access to:

  • software from reliable vendors;
  • multicurrency payment systems;
  • CRM service;
  • multitasking backend, and other useful components.

From us, you can order any service that you need, from the acquisition of a licence in a prestigious jurisdiction to the purchase of a catalogue of video slots.

Win Win Casino provides legal and technical support and is ready to help its customers with the promotion of their projects.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of our products by ordering a free demo version.

A free demo

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