Online Entertainment Field Trends in 2023

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 february 2023

The previous year proved to be very fruitful for the Internet industry. The operators managed to earn impressive profits and try their hand at many new, promising niches.

Gambling business trends in 2023

In 2023, the focus of entrepreneurs will continue to be on innovations. Let us look at the main trends of this year in more detail together with the Win&Win Casino team. Order a profitable online business from our experts.


2022 Results: Facts and Figures

High lucrativeness indicators testify to the financial success of the previous year. In 2021, the volume of the online gaming market was about $40 billion. At that time, that figure seemed impressive. However, the result of 2022 exceeded all expectations of businessmen.

The level of the industry’s profitability has reached the mark of more than 90 billion dollars. And this is far from the limit. According to experts, the rapid development of innovative technologies will increase the demand for gaming products and grow the revenue of operators.

The most promising regions to work in the entertainment niche in terms of the growth in the field’s lucrativeness in 2022 were as follows:

  • Europe — 8%;
  • Asia Pacific — 11%;
  • Africa — 13%.

The most significant events in the gaming field were:

  1. The changes in the gambling legislation of Curacao.
  2. The legalisation of the online sector in Canada.
  3. The innovations in the gaming law of the United Kingdom, etc.

Proper Work with Data

Automated tools for collecting and processing information will allow operators to understand the characteristics of the target audience and the real needs of customers better. In turn, this will let entrepreneurs solve such tasks:

  • the minimisation of personnel costs thanks to machine-learning technology;
  • dividing the audience into conditional groups focusing on potential profitability;
  • the creation of an effective marketing strategy based on the needs of consumers, etc.

The most important thing in the collection and processing of user data is the voluntary consent of customers. It is strictly forbidden to use malicious software or psychological manipulation to obtain valuable information.

To motivate players to share their data, it is worth launching an attractive rewards program. Additional bonuses for participating in surveys and filling out extra fields in the user profile will allow you to obtain the necessary information absolutely legally.

The received data is processed by special software. It analyses the obtained facts based on the following criteria:

  • the age of players;
  • average expenses on gambling activities;
  • gaming preferences, etc.

Increased Marketing Costs

Increased marketing costs in 2023

The modern gaming market is overflowing with a huge number of promising entertainment projects that offer big winnings and good bonuses. To stand out from other sites and attract solvent clients, operators will have to allocate considerable amounts to promote their online resources.

Traditional methods like sending advertising e-mails or placing banners on other sites will still work well. However, innovative solutions will bring more effective results.

Here are the marketing tools that entrepreneurs should focus on:

Affiliate services

This method of business promotion is considered one of the most effective today. Its advantage is the payment for the result obtained (the registration on a site, a click, a deposit, etc.).

The tool will allow you to attract solvent traffic as quickly as possible.

It is possible to cooperate with both individual partners and affiliate networks offering high-quality services at an affordable price

Cooperation with celebrities

The collaboration with influencers on social media will bring you the desired influx of potential consumers.

Modern people spend a lot of time on the Internet today. They trust the opinions of their favourite bloggers, actors, singers, and other famous personalities. Therefore, this type of promotion will undoubtedly bring good results

Dynamic content

The future of online promotion lies in bright and memorable videos. Text and image advertising is already outdated.

Users spend approximately a few hours a day watching short clips on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

The integration of promotional content on these platforms is a great solution for casino owners

Customer Retention

In addition to using effective methods for attracting new audiences, operators will also invest heavily in client retention. The level of competition in the market is very high. Consumers have a huge choice. Therefore, entrepreneurs have to fight for the loyalty of solvent customers.

It is possible to retain the target audience in the following effective ways:

  • the launch of social (free) content;
  • the start of bonus programs;
  • loyalty points for activity;
  • closed VIP tournaments;
  • drawings of valuable prizes, and others.

Cross-Platform Content Integration

In 2023, entrepreneurs will shift their focus to players preferring mobile solutions. However, they will not forget about the desktop audience either. The best option that will satisfy the needs of different target groups is the development of cross-platform sites and gaming content. Such solutions can be easily launched on devices of various types due to a fairly simple and concise design.

No download is required to open a game. Content can be run in browser mode. Even rather old and inexpensive devices will be suitable for this purpose. Therefore, cross-platform software is ideal for emerging markets. As a rule, consumers from such regions do not have the financial ability to buy expensive computers or smartphones.

Nevertheless, we should not underestimate the players from developing markets. Although such users make rather small bets, they participate in gambling activities quite often. Besides, the countries of South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia are characterised by large populations. Therefore, operators working in these regions do not focus on the solvency of players, but on the number of potential customers.

Advanced Technologies

Advanced gaming technologies in 2023

To make gaming content more exciting and fun, entrepreneurs will use different innovative tools.

Here are the formats the operators will focus on:

  1. AR and VR content. This trend continues to gain new audiences and expand its geography. Virtual reality devices have become much more comfortable and affordable. Therefore, a lot of new VR start-ups will appear in 2023.
  2. Live casinos. This format has been relevant for many years. However, it is constantly evolving. The broadcast quality is getting better. The range of games offered is expanding. Projects are focused on different regions today. Live gaming reached its peak demand during the coronavirus crisis. Nevertheless, its popularity is not decreasing now, on the contrary, it only continues to grow.
  3. The automation of business processes. This tendency is associated with gaming project management. Machine learning technology will allow the processing of large information volumes without human intervention. Of course, it cannot completely eliminate the need for specialists’ services. However, innovative software will let operators significantly reduce personnel costs and speed up key business processes.

Increased Player Protection

Unfortunately, hacker fraudulent schemes are developing as rapidly as the gambling industry. Therefore, it will be crucial for operators to pay due attention to the defence of user data and financial resources.

Innovative protection tools will help them:

  • identify potential scammers at the registration stage;
  • instantly block risky transactions;
  • automatically detect new fraudulent schemes, etc.

In addition to customers' information security, entrepreneurs will also focus more on their mental state and health in general. Following the principles of responsible gambling is the main sign of a decent online resource.

Honest and reputable casinos provide such types of support to consumers:

  • warnings about the dangers of gambling addiction;
  • the notifications about the need to pause the game;
  • the possibility of self-restriction on sites;
  • free psychological support, and others.

The Main Things about the Entertainment Field Trends in 2023

The online gaming industry will continue to generate high revenues for entrepreneurs with the right business approach this year.

In 2023, operators will focus on the following tendencies:

  • working with user data;
  • the increase in advertising costs;
  • innovative technologies;
  • the retention of a loyal audience;
  • the protection of customers, and others.
To learn more about the current trends in the entertainment sector, please contact the Win-Win Casino team.

We will provide you with helpful information and familiarise you with the catalogue of up-to-date business solutions for Internet projects of various scales and formats.


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