Best Internet Sweepstakes Software: Top 3 Providers

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

When starting an online casino, an owner always faces the problem of quality of the software which is to be integrated into his platform. This is an issue of primary importance, as low-quality gaming can make users leave a casino contributing to a decrease in incomes.

Online casino: how to start a business properly

To prevent this situation, any casino administrator has to identify and apply the best Internet sweepstakes software. Win&Win Casino provides different options to its customers. Creating a turnkey casino project or developing customized solutions for any platform can be easily implemented by the company’s specialists.

The Best Internet Sweepstakes Software Providers

To be sure that your slots present the best pieces of gaming software, you should check your providers' list. If it consists of the products developed by such giants as Novomatic (Gaminator gaming system), Playtech or Mega Jack, we should say that you have made the right choice.


Gaminator is the most popular and well-known Internet sweepstakes software provider. It constitutes the branded gaming system developed by Novomatic, the Austrian company, which has been widely known as the manufacturer of the traditional gaming terminals in the 1980s. That was the age when there were no users of the Internet while a huge number of the land-based one-armed bandits, made by Novomatic and named as Admiral, were scattered around the whole Europe being incredibly popular.

Since then, the times have changed but the company is still very popular, implementing the up-to-date approaches to gaming business solutions. Now, those gaming machines are presented in a new form, the online gaming slots which are deemed as the high-quality analogues of the terminals.

Novomatic produces the proprietary software for these slots. The software is designed by the company’s specialists which have thoroughly elaborated the detailed implementation of a gameplay via the slots.

Novomatic software possesses an extensive number of the following advantages:

  • 24-hour support;
  • a lot of unique innovative options can be integrated into any platform;
  • each game provides the customizable and intuitive interface;
  • flash-format gaming;
  • free trials;
  • high winning percentage;
  • live casino studio;
  • minimum bets available;
  • multiple currency payment systems;
  • perfect functional characteristics;
  • progressive multi-level jackpots;
  • the surprising bonus system, multiple prizes and free spins;
  • the slots can be run in a browser, downloaded app or mobile version;
  • unique graphics, drawn in detail and diverse original storylines;
  • updates of games.

Gaminator internet sweepstakes software provides integration of the excellent games. These products are exclusively unique and are developed based on the best experience in the area of gambling as well as the requests preferences of the users.

Novomatic games show the exciting storylines created by the professional team of designers, programmers and other specialists.

Each casino owner integrates Gaminator products into his platform because they bring high profitability to the business. The Novomatic software is traditionally interesting both for the experienced gamers and new users. Various quests and general heroic characters of slot storylines make the slots to be very attractive for users.

The gaming system Gaminator provides three versions: G1, G2 and G3 developed as of today. These versions provide some different options for gaming and have different operational features.


Implemented by the professional designers, developers and programmers, Playtech original Internet sweepstakes software provide high standards of quality, it is versatile and easy for use. More than thousand web-casino are running based on Playtech platform.

Playtech software advantages include:

  • 90 slot games based on the state-of-the-art technologies;
  • High-quality graphics and soundtracks, intriguing storylines;
  • continuous updating;
  • game speed adjustment;
  • high winning percentage;
  • interface customization option;
  • multiple languages and multiple currencies, all possible payment systems are included;
  • progressive jackpots and extended bonus system;
  • simultaneous gaming via several windows.

Perfect functional characteristics provide opportunities for gambling by inexperienced users because of the ease of interface operating. Playtech also provides 3D Android-based slots and live casino studios. The bonus system presents motivators received by a new gamer for registration, depositing or involvement of new users.

Playtech live casino software

The Playtech platform-based game can be launched by downloading and installing the relevant app on your PC. The other ways of gaming presuppose playing online in a browser or via the mobile devices. The downloaded version enables the whole functional potential capacity of the online casino and allows active participation in various activities and competitions which is not possible via a browser.

Playtech live casino studio with dealer

Payment systems Playtech are implemented in the following way:

  • E-money;
  • bank cards: Visa, Master Card etc.;
  • SMS transactions;
  • teller terminals;
  • bank payments.

When depositing or withdrawing money from Playtech gaming system, a user faces no technical problems, and this is the additional advantage of this software. The required minimum amount of a deposit is always provided while the maximum is not limited.

Playtech company guarantees trustworthiness and transparency of the gaming process, which can be proved by the relevant conformity certificates. While registering, the users shall not worry about confidentiality, which is also guaranteed with the company’s policy and use of the special encryption protocols. All these features strongly contribute to recognizing Playtech products as the best Internet sweepstakes software developed for different categories of gamers.

Mega Jack

Mega Jack gaming system for Internet sweepstakes

Mega Jack is another gaming system providing the best Internet sweepstakes software. It has a collection of unique and original video slots which are highly appreciated by the users in different countries.

Mega Jack slots have a number of advantages:

  • thematic diversity;
  • accessible interface;
  • intriguing storylines;
  • great graphics and soundtracks;
  • reliable gaming algorithms underlying the base technology;
  • high winning percentage;
  • bonuses and free spins.

The slots gaming process developed by Mega Jack is really surprising with its ease and accessibility. The functional mobile versions are designed for those who use a tablet or a mobile device.

Distributors’ Solutions for the Best Internet Sweepstakes Software

Distributors’ solutions for internet sweepstakes software

Win&Win Casino provides free consultancy on the best Internet sweepstakes software to choose for your casino platform. Different options regarding renting, purchase or turnkey solutions are available.

Contact the specialists of Win&Win Casino to get the detailed information.

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