Online Casino Design 2019: New Trends in the Design of Gaming Sites

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

27 april 2020

Gambling business is a unique system with a complex structure of administration and interaction with the audience. Considering the fierce competition, each new project should have a bright accent, which can make a platform stand out against the background of the providers of identical gambling services.

Online casino design is the “face” of your business. Visual design plays a key part in the creation of the first impression of users, so you need to pay maximum attention to it.

Online casino design: why it is so important in gambling business

The Main Features of High-Quality Casino Design

Good designs for online casinos have the following characteristics:

  • The widest colour range. It is possible to use any combination, up to monochrome solutions. It is important that the selected combination does not annoy users.
  • Noticeable and informative slide show with the ability to quickly view current news and promotional offers of the resource.
  • Convenient system of changing themes. The option to change the appearance of the page will allow gamblers to adapt the service to their own preferences.
  • Cross-platform. The website should be displayed without errors on any platform.
  • High-quality graphics. All visual elements should be bright and have a high definition.

An Example of the Successful Design of a Virtual Casino

The website of the brand 888casino can be a perfect example of the choice of a successful design. The company has been providing services since 1997, and in 2015, it was recognised as one of the best entertainment portals in the CIS countries.

The design of an online casino website has a number of features:

  1. No complicated shifts and tacky commercial spots.
  2. A big poster of bonus offers and promos.
  3. A convenient classification and division of games into categories.
  4. A detailed explanation of the advantages of the service.
  5. A list of winners with the last won prizes.
  6. Easy and fast navigation.
  7. A detailed description of gaming solutions for beginning gamblers.

Casino Templates and the Turnkey Development Service

Online casino website design: templates

Since the gambling business requires huge financial costs, many beginning operators want to save money on the external design of the website by using standard patterns.

Among the most popular ones, we can name:

  • Monte Carlo. This service offers the option of the customisation of pages in real time; there are also functions for connecting contact forms and two standard types of the menu.
  • Poker Dice. There is an option to connect sliders, contact information, and additional menu windows. The system allows you to broadcast images to any screens without errors.
  • Slot Machines. It has a backup option, a convenient administrative panel, and the function of adapting the service to different platforms. Additional features are the connection of a slider and the Google Calendar application.

Despite the advantages of standard patterns, experts recommend operators to order the casino design from qualified developers with vast working experience in the gambling industry.

Pattern VS. Turnkey casino design

Evaluation criteria

Turnkey service

Online casino patterns

Colour gamma

At the discretion of a client

Standard palette

User menu

Custom designed

Limited number of options

Welcome page

Depends on the preferences of a client

Standard interface with a limited number of options for individual settings

Format of the content placement

At the discretion of a client

Limited number of solutions

Integration of payment services

Included in the price

Development of the logo

Included in the price

Self implementation

Technical support

Included in the price

An online business must have a unique “business card”. The logo performs this function. Because of it, users will recognise the gambling establishment and choose it among similar services.

The main task of the developer is to create a product that will remain popular even after a few years. The used image should immediately ring the bell and instantly trigger the necessary association.

During the process of creation of the logo, the following rules should be strictly adhered to:

  • simplicity and laconicalness;
  • compliance with the theme of the service;
  • recognition;
  • high speed of memorisation;
  • relevance.

The most popular colours of 2019 are combinations of red and grey and blue and green. According to experts, these colours are advantageously combined with each other and impose upon users. Today, the trend is minimalism, simplicity, and even some “modesty”.


The main trend in 2019 is laconicism and simplicity. A modern and popular gambling project should look elegant and offer its customers convenient and, most importantly, extremely fast navigation.

Beginning operators can choose a ready-made pattern but we recommend them to start an online business with the support of qualified developers and designers with many years of working experience.

The turnkey design service provides more advantages than any other solution.

By signing a contract with an intermediary company, you not only receive guarantees but you can always count on prompt technical support of the already launched service.

Do not miss your chance and start a promising gambling business with Win Win Casino already today!


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