Gambling in 2023: Trends, Prospects, and Features of Working in the Industry

Ivan Mostovoy

Author: Ivan Mostovoy

23 june 2023

In the gaming field, it is essential to be aware of the tendencies and innovations that are emerging right now. This is the only way to achieve success and create a thoughtful and profitable iGaming project with the maximum response from the audience.

Gambling in 2023: trends, prospects, features

Win Win Casino explores gambling trends and explains how operators can get the most out of the changes.

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Tech Trends in the iGaming Segment

The wagering market has been demonstrating excellent dynamics for more than a year. The introduction of IT innovations contributes to the strong growth of the sector, attracting huge investments and improving the user experience.

Artificial Intelligence

This field of computer science deals with the creation of smart computer systems. Ready-made machines and programs imitate human behaviour. They perform a wide range of tasks related to collecting and analysing information, training, and making informed decisions based on the data received.

AI is the driving force on the path to the digitalisation of the economy. One of its most ardent fans is Bill Gates. The founder of Microsoft calls artificial intelligence the same revolutionary technology for mankind as the creation of a microprocessor, a personal computer, the Internet and cellular communications.

How AI is used in online gambling:

Personalised experience

The algorithms remember the previous actions of gamers on the Web (searching for content, launching slots from a specific provider, etc.). Based on them, the tools offer the audience the most personalised solutions.

AI platforms function like Netflix streaming services. Thanks to this, clients receive only what they are interested in. Besides, the owners of iGaming sites increase their profits

The automation of routine tasks

Artificial intelligence-based programs help with registration and verification on a gambling site, making an initial deposit, and launching slot reels.

The use of AI accelerates customer service at the same start-up cost. To improve communication with the audience, the operator does not need to hire additional staff (managers, call-centre employees, etc.). It is enough just to install an AI-based program

Responsible gaming support

Such software is a great tool for reducing the risks of gamblers.

The solution can track behavioural patterns, recognise when the user starts spending much more than usual, and signal this to the operator.

The entrepreneur can limit the gaming activity of a punter and find out the reasons for the atypical behaviour

At the end of 2022, OpenAI presented the world's first universal chatbot ChatGPT based on artificial intelligence. The solution stirred up the technological market and attracted the attention of top software developers — Apple, Samsung, Meta, and others. The novelty is used in many areas of business, including gambling.

Analysts from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) predict that AI will increase the scope of the global economy by $15.7 trillion by 2030. The global artificial intelligence market will grow by about 31% annually. The most susceptible fields to AI will be finance, art, and the entertainment sphere.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of technology is cryptocurrency. Digital assets have been used in gambling for several years. Their advantages are well-known to both players and owners of iGaming sites.

Over the past year, the cryptocurrency market has changed significantly. The following trends will remain relevant:

  1. The development of sectoral legislation. Most jurisdictions understand the prospects of legalising digital money. Therefore, they are actively working in this direction. Cryptocurrencies are allowed in the USA, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other developed countries. Curacao is one of the most popular jurisdictions for launching an iGaming start-up. Its government promises to introduce updated blockchain casino licensing rules by the end of 2023.
  2. The diversification of savings. The turmoil on the FTX exchange in 2022 did not scare investors, as many sceptics predicted. On the contrary, today, more entrepreneurs prefer to buy cryptocurrency. They also seek to diversify their assets. In addition to Bitcoin, operators store their savings in Litecoin, Ethereum, TRON, and other digital units.

iGaming platforms created entirely on the blockchain are gaining popularity. The technology is used to carry out mutual settlements, confirm the honesty of the results of the sessions, and create content.

Operational Trends in Online Casinos

Online casinos in 2023: operational trends

Entrepreneurs strive to automate their daily tasks, simplify and speed up transfers, and improve the security of the gambling business. It is more exposed to risks than others.

Ready-Made Solutions

When entering the field, many operators choose off-the-shelf software products relying on the experience and skills of vendors. It is possible to buy a turnkey online casino — a universal solution that is well suited for a quick launch and easy scaling of an iGaming site.

The benefits of a turnkey casino are as follows:

  1. Good feature set. It includes games, payment services, and security modules — everything you need for full-fledged and profitable work.
  2. Affordable price. Buying a turnkey casino will cost less than developing a gambling site on your own.
  3. Custom design. The operator receives the original visualisation solution of the gaming portal based on the entrepreneur's taste preferences, corporate identity, and global trends.

Working following the White Label model is also relevant today. Here, the parent company offers a universal interface for all operations, a licence, and an entertainment catalogue. The task of the entrepreneur is to brand a web gambling project.

Moving towards Mobility

In 2023, fewer punters are using PCs to play casino games. The mood of the audience is well understood by software manufacturers. They have been adapting services for traffic from smartphones for several years. Thanks to this, iGaming sites have become lighter and faster. Their designs and backend tools are initially built for the screens of tablets and other gadgets.

Gambling content is also created for use on IoT devices. Smartwatches allow customers to place their bets instantly and get fast results. This category also includes large Smart TV screens. They are mounted in land-based casino complexes and sports pubs.

In 2023, the main efforts of operators will be aimed at attracting and retaining digital natives. The new generation spends most of their time on smartphones. Therefore, gaming content and any advertising activities must be adapted to mobile devices.

Strengthening Security

The Partnerkin online media published the main risks faced by owners of iGaming sites:

  • 69.9% — theft of bonuses;
  • 9.9% — money laundering;
  • 5.9% — failures in the work of payment services;
  • 5.6% — chargebacks;
  • 2.3% — bets on opposite events;
  • 6.4% — other issues.

It is safe to say that the gambling field is exposed to various risks more than others. These are typical nuances for digital business (for example, failures in the operation of financial gateways) and industry-specific problems (e.g., theft of bonuses and rewards).

The main directions related to the security of services are as follows:

  1. Working with personal data. Online casinos operate with huge amounts of information. They cannot do without certified security software. Most jurisdictions have already added the provisions of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to their legislation. For the leakage of information or its illegal disclosure to third parties, not only a fine is provided but also the cancellation of a licence.
  2. Fight against fraud. It includes the prevention of money laundering, theft of bonuses, financing of dubious projects, etc. Even such a seemingly harmless violation as multi-accounting brings the entrepreneur tens of thousands of dollars in loss.
  3. Social protection. Modern operators aim at fair and transparent play and equal terms of collaboration for all customers and B2B partners. The prevention of gaming addiction among visitors is also one of the key requirements of gambling commissions.

Changing the Payments Ecosystem

Success is achieved by companies that offer flexible settlement terms:

  • The variety of payment methods. These are popular international services — Mastercard, Visa, and UnionPay. It is also possible to integrate payments through Neteller, Skrill, and Webmoney e-wallets, as well as add local payment systems.
  • The use of cryptocurrencies. According to experts, the digital money will lead in the volume of transactions, overtaking operations in fiat units by 2030. Already today, many entrepreneurs are integrating blockchain into their iGaming start-ups. This trend will only intensify in the future.

Marketing Tendencies in Gambling

Online casino marketing: trends

Consider the conditions under which operators will attract and retain solvent internet traffic:

Higher cost of acquisition per customer

In 2020 the online casino sector was actively growing due to restrictions caused by the pandemic. However, the situation has changed dramatically in 2023. Today, to interest players, the operator needs to offer them the most favourable conditions in the form of personal bonuses. This directly affects the cost of attraction.

Punters replace one iGaming site with another looking for new bonuses. Holding promotions or tournaments will help to keep customers when one event smoothly flows into another

Rising marketing expenses

An increase in the CPA rate directly affects the overall advertising budget. Now, to get and retain a loyal audience, an entrepreneur needs to spend about three times more money than in 2020.

Customers, as well as search engines, are becoming more choosy in their preferences. The requirements for the quality of advertising material are growing.

The effect of placing classic banners is gradually decreasing. Gamers respond better to dynamic content with audio and video clips, contextual ads, and personalised e-mail messages

High level of involvement

If earlier the business focused only on the CPA indicator (the cost of attracting a lead), now LTV (customer lifetime value) is becoming a key metric.

Operators are interested in ensuring that gamers stay on the sites as long as possible. Expanding the entertainment portfolio helps with this. Entrepreneurs should add free-to-play content, Bitcoin slots, and other interesting offerings

Increasing the role of personalities

Collaboration with opinion leaders increases the credibility of the iGaming brand and helps with attracting high-quality traffic. Business interacts with athletes, bloggers, TV presenters, and other popular personalities

Many experts call 2023 the year of transition from the focus on products to user experience quality. For this reason, advertising activities should be as personalised as possible and cover the needs of a particular punter or group of customers.

The individual approach is displayed in recommendation lists, one-time promotions, bonus offers, access to premium rounds, gamification tools, e-mail newsletters, etc. Users create a sense of self-importance and become attached to a particular online casino.

Entertainment Trends in the iGaming Vertical

Casino gaming trends: content formats

Consider what content is worth buying in 2023:

  1. Cluster slots. The author of the innovative mechanics is the Australian provider Big Time Gaming (BTG). It has entered into several partnership agreements with leading casino software manufacturers. Thanks to this, branded machines are available in the assortment of Betsoft, Relax Gaming, Yggdrasil, and other famous companies. Winning combinations are formed as clusters of different sizes (from 2x2 to 5x6 and more) with valuable bonuses inside.
  2. Blockchain slots. These are traditional machines that accept bets in cryptocurrency. The audience chooses such content due to the support of micro limits, provable honesty of the results, and anonymity.
  3. Crash games. There is a growing demand for Aviator, JetX, and other entertainment solutions of this type. Users are attracted by the instant determination of results and fast payouts, as well as the possibility to follow the actions of opponents and communicate with friends in an interactive chat. The multiplayer content stands out for its effective social features and a huge selection of side bets.
  4. Games with live dealers. The large-scale transition of gamblers from offline to online environment, caused by quarantine, will continue in the future. The first thing users pay attention to when visiting a wagering site is the catalogue of live content. Punters are attracted by communication with the croupier on the other side of the screen, the authenticity of the gameplay, and the transparency of the prize accrual. Already today, the presence of live content is a mandatory option in many foreign casinos. This trend will only increase in the future.
  5. Stream games. The interest of the audience to bets in the broadcast mode is increasing. So far, this option is presented mainly on eSports platforms. However, over time it will become available for visitors to classic online casinos.

The Main Things About 2023 Trends in the Gambling Market

Gaming is a promising industry with stable and high incomes.
  • Among the technological trends in the field, we can single out the introduction of artificial intelligence and blockchain. These IT solutions have been used in the industry for more than a year. They have great potential thanks to the tools for automating and scaling a business. AI facilitates the management of online casinos. Besides, the blockchain makes it possible to bet from different parts of the world.
  • More entrepreneurs prefer to buy turnkey solutions rather than create iGaming start-ups from scratch on their own. Operational trends also include the desire for mobility, increased security, and a change in the payments ecosystem.
  • According to forecasts, online casino advertising costs will triple. In marketing, a transition to the quality of user experience is planned. The main efforts should be aimed at creating the most personalised solutions and achieving a high level of audience engagement.
  • Popular content includes cluster slots, blockchain machines, crash and live dealer games, and stream bets.
You can order ready-made solutions for launching and scaling your gambling business at the Win Win Casino studio. The branded gaming platform comes in 3 basic versions (for land-based halls, desktop sites, and mobile applications). Thanks to this, the wishes of all our customers are taken into account.

The features of the gaming system from Win Win Casino are as follows:

  • universal entertainment catalogue;
  • accepting deposits in cash and through banking services;
  • useful Homeplay function;
  • convenient and reliable CMS system;
  • 24/7 technical support, etc.


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